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We’ve been in your shoes.  We value distribution and understand how to help distributors grow their business and improve profitability.  Yes, pricing is part of it.  But growing end customers ultimately is what makes distributors grow their bottom line.  We can help you do that…to a degree that not too many people can in our humble opinion.  We’ve led these product lines ourselves within leading national distributors, helped distributors with large and complex private label programs, and understand that ultimately helping your team in the field close business is what it’s all about.

We work with distributors who value their product partners.  We’re easy to work with.  Call us old school…but we want to work with folks that want to work with us.  If you would like to chat about becoming an authorized distributor or reseller of Valiant brand give us a shout!

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Strong contract manufacturer partners
Stock in the US
Flexible order sizes: we ship cases, pallets, truckloads or container direct
Ease of doing business
Private label if needed
Sales support: sample center, a history in distribution and knowing how to help you win customers
The right product spec
Primary US DC Location Cleveland, OH
Headquarters Chicago, IL
Manufacturer support and QA Malaysia
Manufacturing and QA Shanghai

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anytime, anywhere

Work with Valiant.
Our distributors and resellers get the benefit of going direct to the right source
and a supply chain that can be relied on.


Nitrile, Vinyl, Latex Exam Gloves (Chemo and non-Chemo rated)

PPE + Other Products

Earloop, N95 & KN95 masks, Isolation Gowns, Bouffant Caps, Shoe Covers, Microporous Coverals and Head Covering

Facility Health & Safety

Hand Sanitizer: Individual Bottle & Gallon, Opioid Emergency Station: Locking & Non-Locking

Become a Distributor